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This ‘about quick articles‘ page will give you a sense of who we are and what we can do for your website. Your most likely wondering why in the world were called “Quick Articles”. Your probably thinking that we do things fast and sloppy around here. I can assure you that you would be absolutely wrong. In fact let’s clear that up.


Quick Articles is about having the expert ability to write a short article, pack tons of information into it to and be read in such a manor that anyone would sit back and say – ‘Wow, that was a great article, I enjoyed reading that information, is there any more?’ However, a quick article has no limits and can also be a 2000 plus word article, depending on the topic. We can write an article like that if you need.


There is your example of what I am talking about. In 2 short paragraphs and less than 100 words you just found out what a Quick Article is and learned a bit about quick articles writing skill. I’m not your typical writer, therefore people sit up and take notice of what I write.


A Bit About The Ownerhow much do quick articles cost


I may not be the sexiest man alive, however I have a passion for writing articles that get noticed. I’m 40 years old, married and have two children ages 4 and 6. One of those children was diagnosed with seizures at the age of 3 months old and the other one is smart as a whip and just may be the next president. If not at least the mayor.


All threw school I hated to write and English class, but I payed attention and got A’s, with a bit of a push from the teacher. I went to College late in life and excelled in the first year. After that, I had a handicap child and I became a stay at home dad. Since then I have devoted my time to writing articles about many things. Working on blogging and websites is a fun passion for me.


I was going to College for Computer Science and started to make blogs which were selling like hot cakes on Flippa. My blogs are very targeted with tons of organic traffic. One day I came across this site for sale. I fell in love after realizing that I was building blogs not to sell but to write. I love what I had seen in Quick Articles so I bought it and was eager to get to work.


So you also see that I have an extensive knowledge of building and running blogs with organic traffic. This is a huuugggge advantage when writing articles. When I make an article for a website I do my best to tailor it for that website. It has a way of speaking to me and telling me what needs to be in that space. It just fits and I run with it!


On my website I like to talk to you and not give the normal business tone. I like to talk and converse with people, ask me questions and when you and I get to know each other, take a chance and get some articles done by me. If they are not to your liking I will redo them without a problem, just be sure to make me understand what you want from the article.  Everyone has their own writing style, etc. and your blog or website deserves to be the best it can be.


Maybe you just need some creative writing tips for article writing. This is one of our blogs that can help you critique your writing skill set. Your success – is our success, so get ready, get set, WRITE STEVE!


If your in need of quick articles right now you start on the pricing page. Just fill out the ordering form to the best of your ability. Once sent I will be contacting you to make sure were on the same page from my email account at.

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